Chamber of Commerce
"Cow Days Goes Camo!"
Dixon Cow Days Fall Festival
September 20-21, 2013
10:00 am to midnight both days

To register for a vendor booth space, please complete the enclosed Booth Registration Form.  Please send the completed registration form along with a check or money order made payable to the "Dixon Area Chamber of Commerce" to the address below.  Note:  You must sign the Rules/Requirements page on the back of the registration form; you are not considered registered until you do.  Booth prices are listed on the registration form.

Dixon Area Chamber of Commerce
PO Box 817
Dixon, MO 65459

The Dixon Chamber may disapprove a booth space if other vendors are selling the same type of merchandise. This determination will be based upon the merchandise sold and the date the registration form is received.  Returning vendors (from previous year only) may guarantee a booth spot by registering by August 5, 2013.  Returning vendors will also be given priority for type of merchandise/food sold, but will forfeit any priority if the registration is received after the August 5, 2013 deadline (i.e. you may not get a booth). 

All vendors must list merchandise to be sold on the registration form. Vendors may sell only the items listed and approved on the registration form.  If a vendor wish to add additional items not listed on their original form he/she must obtain approval from the Dixon Chamber prior to the festival.  The Dixon Chamber reserves the right to ask a vendor to stop selling an unapproved item or any items that are not conducive to the festival (e.g., inappropriate for children, hazardous, sexually suggestive, etc.).

If the Dixon Chamber does not accept your registration (for reasons stated above), your registration form and payment will be returned to you as soon as the decision is made.  For the registrations accepted, refunds will only be issued if Cow Days is cancelled.

Food vendors who sell soft drinks may only sell Pepsi products
, who is the official sponsor of Cow Days. All vendors who plan to sell soft drinks may contact Hebbler Bottling Company (573) 364-4833 to order Pepsi products, for billing information and delivery location.  Pepsi products can be delivered on-site to Cow Days, and reorders placed as needed during Cow Days.  Be sure to ask for the special Cow Days vendor pricing.  Water and tea may also be purchased from Hebbler.  Pepsi products may be purchased from other sources as well.  Be prepared to supply your own ice this year.  The Dixon Chamber will try to have ice on hand.  Ice must be paid for at time of pick up.  NO TABS.

You may obtain your booth assignment number and a location map on this website on or after Sept 6, 2013.  Look for the links "2013 Booth Assignments" and "Booth layout map". 

The Missouri Special Event Sales Tax Report will be handed out to vendors on Friday morning, September 20th.  Vendors with an information only or raffle only booth do not need to file this report. All other vendors are required to file this report with the Missouri Department of Revenue.

Questions pertaining to booths may be addressed to Dixie Rollins, 573-433-4770, or Steve Roberson, 573-855-5100.

See you at Cow Days!